Gundam technology is a trusted technology partner located in Seattle Washington. We are a professional IT service provider dedicated to improving Washingtons' network infrastructure by growing businesses in our state. Gundam focuses on marketing to serious computer users, students, homeowners, businesses, startups, non-profit, and government organizations.

Gundam Technology was started in 2015 as a rebranding concept for local five-star-rated computer repair business "Emerald City IT". Like Emerald City IT, Gundam provides 24-hour support throughout Seattle. We are available for any task small or large, easy or complicated. Our technicians have your back during planning and business development or emergencies and recovery.

Gundam Technology is well known for providing expert services:

  • IT consulting
  • Computer Repair
  • Network Administration
  • Web development
  • Data Recovery
  • Backup & Imaging
  • Hosting
  • Research & Education
  • Local Business
  • Enterprise Business
  • Community Programs
  • Government
  • Military

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